Welcome to Soulfire

In the basement of the Soul of the Sword Mercenary Company lies Soulfire, a mercenary's getaway to rest and plan for their next adventure.

Come choose from our list of strong drinks and hearty food. Schedule meetups with clients and fixers in our inviting atmosphere. And try to claim glory with our Legends Never Fade Away challenge.

Stage always open for aspiring bards.

7pm - 10pm CST
Shirogane, Ward 9, Plot 37, Balmung

Staffed by the Soul of the Sword mercenary company

The Beaver Burger

Behold it in all of its glory. Comes with a side of popoto fries.


Heavily seasoned dzo meat and vegetables. On a steek.

Chocobo Tenders

Not made with real chocobo far as you know. Served with your choice of sauce.

Fish and Chips

Fried namazu served with a side of fried popoptos. Just kidding, it's normal fish. Ha ha ha.....haa......

Quicksand Cheese Sticks

Filled with some of the cheesiest, gooiest cheese you'll find in the realm.

Keith's Bad Touch

Lemon Juice, Whiskey, Egg Whites and syrup. A sour drink sure to make you twitch.

Sugar Rush

Everclear, syrup, sugar crystals. The definition of a girly drink, but will knock you on your ass.

Shelling's Blood

Cinnamon shnapps with vodka and punch, this'll have you killing voidsent the world over.

Uruk's Flames

Rum, rolanberry syrup, lemon juice, chili garnish. Set on fire to unless your inner dragon.

Limsan Spiced Rum

Limsan favorite, various spices blended into a hearty rum.

Armor Polish

What separates a real mercenary from a poser. 190 proof. Tastes of death and destruction. Also takes the rust right off your armor, and probably your insides, too.

Soulfire Ale

Homebrewed in Soul of the Sword's basement.

The World Tour

Limsan, Ishgardian, Gridanian, and Ul'dahn whiskey, all combined.

Legends Never Fade Away

Do you have what it takes to pack away booze with the best of them?
Two shots of x
Two shots of y
Two shots of z
And then The Legend.

Survive this challenge, and get your picture and drink recipe featured here.

Roll a 200, 400, 600, 800 consecutively.

The Lyn Fuller

Vodka, Blue Vylbrand, Bloodcurrant juice and a splash of dark rum

Meet the Bartenders

Drekki Kha

Drekki of the Kha tribe, the Demon Queen of Song and Darkness, famous bard and proprietor of Soulfire. Pours drinks when not pouring enemy blood.

Jill Stingray

A bartender with more mixology than even the most seasoned Limsan proprietor, Jill mixes drinks and changes lives.

Cedrick Dega

Former actor, current stage manager, and part time bartender. This world wanderer is coming out of retirement to stop the stage from becoming bloody chaos. It'll just be normal chaos instead.

Ashiko Darkebloom

Bluemage tinkerer with a penchant for flair and oddities, she'll return your weapon to you in probably better condition than when you got it.

Lyn Fuller

Sadistic drink-slinger that can and will beat you in a drinking contest. Don't put your fingers to close to her face if you value them.

Lucylla Blackthorn

Probably too young to be serving drinks, but we'll just glance over that. Please tip them, they need the work experience.

Neytiri Kovac

A new worker that's happy to be here! Probably, who wouldn't be happy to work at a bar ran by a demon queen?

Robin Tallow

A Limsan waitress that will flirt with you. Please do not flirt back, we need her serving drinks.

Interested in performing at Soulfire?

No signup necessary, just come and talk with our stage manager during our open hours. If there are other performers waiting, you will be limited to a 10 minute set time.

Our cytube is located here:[TBD]

Looking forward to seeing you on stage!